August 4th, 2021


Hitler’s Speeding Ticket

At 1:37 pm on Saturday, September 19, 1931, Hauptwachtmeister -- Police Sergeant Major -- Probst of the Bavarian Gendarmerie wrote in his notebook about a Mercedes speeding through the tiny hamlet of Baar-Ebenhausen, south of Ingolstadt, on the road to Munich. He noted that the velocity of the vehicle was determined by two officers with stop watches, who timed it as moving through a measured distance of 200 meters in 13 seconds, for an average of 55.3 km per hour (c. 34 mph), over twice the permitted speed, and added that the license plate number was “II A – 19357”.

Probst notified his superiors in Munich about the moving violation. Three days later Probst was informed that the car belonged to one Adolf Hitler, who lived at Prinzeregentstrasse 16, in Munich. Probst promptly issued a speeding ticket.

Тута написано, что один гаишник под Мюнхеном настолько борзянки наклевался, что штрафанул Гитлера за превышение скорости. В 1931 годе. Чудеса!
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